Florida Volvo Enthusiasts

Activity on the Volvo front seems to be  increasing and the Florida Volvo Club of  America Chapter is planning a big spring meet March 5, 2011 at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, Fl.

We are also hearing via the website that other Florida Volvo owners are looking for more meets.  so we decided to expand the website and create this blog in the hopes that the search engines will give us more exposure and help more Volvo enthusiasts find us.

Please bear with us while we get the blog fully operational.  You’ll be able to leave comments and share other Volvo news.

More coming soon!

About CliveAlive

The real Clive Alive is Volvo's most Senior Crash Tester. Volvo has saved his life numerous times. He's had a hard life but he's still alive!. CliveAlive has also had his life saved by Volvo a couple of times. So he is still alive to now be a senior and still drives his old ... I should say 'antique' Volvo's. He may be getting old himself but he's no dummy! FLVCOA is the Florida Chapter of the Volvo Club of America. Thanks for reading.
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